About & Info

Krister Jung, owner of Lejonkulans Läderhantverk Started to work with leather back in 1973 on a kibbutz in Israel.
Between 1974-1975 he attended to Cordwainers Technical College in Hackney, London. A leather college for saddlemakers and shoedesigners. He attended to the course “General Leathergoods, which is an education in general handling of leather such as cutting, designing, patternmaking and making of bags. It also gave a lot of training on all machines included in the art of leather crafting.

Krister’s first workshop was situated in the old town of Stockholm. – I started it in 1976 with two friends Krister says. We made handmade clogs that we sold to tourists so we could travel during the winter seasons.
The shop was so small that they needed a bigger workshop with more space for all the equipment they had to use.
-At that time the story about the plans to kidnap the minister Anna-Greta Leijon (her surname means Lion), had been revealed and the trials against those who were involved were over. The premises where Anna-Greta was supposed to be held prisoner had been taken over by one of ours brother- in law who didn’t need it So we moved in and told the story to the elderly leather salesman Klint, who calmly said “now you got yourself a real lion’s den”. That simply settled the problem with the name of the shop – The Lion’s Den.
The Lion’s Den has now been situated in Sickla Köpkvarter, Nacka for 5 years

Saddlebags and a few other things
Since 1983-84 it’s saddlebags and motorcycle equipment that’s Krister main concern. -But of course that’s not all I do. It can be everything from braided bracelets to leathercovered wardrobes and special design for other companies. So one day to another is never the same.